Ken is a skilled singer and an accomplished song writer.  In the 1990's he was proudly represented by Capital Music where he toured across the USA.  
During those long road trips and to help pass the time, he would always have the Eagles music playing in the background. So it is easy to see why Ken jumped at the opportunity to recreate his favorite band and his favorite music.

Richard Korbyl

David LaBelle

Guitar, Vocals.

Ken Polansky

Glenn Giggs

Bass, Vocals.


Hailing from Saskatchewan, Glenn has performed and toured across Canada with numerous bands.  
He fondly recalls listening to all the hits of The Eagles while driving those long distances in Saskatchewan.  He is now extremely excited to add his personal touch to the music of the Eagles. 

Richard was classically trained at the tender young age of 7.  Over the years, he has been on stage across Canada has always enjoys performing for audiences.

His love for great music led him to the Long Run.  He jokes saying that his walkman, and now his ipod have a whole bunch of Eagles tunes.

Keyboards, Vocals.

Chris is an experienced musician who has been playing for over 30 years.  He has been involved with numerous successful projects that have taken him across North America.  

He loves entertaining audiences with the hits of the Eagles and always looks forward to The Long Run.


The Band

Get to know each member of The Long Run and what makes them tick!

Chris Bradshaw

Guitar, Vocals.

Dave is the heartbeat of The Long Run.  He has toured across Canada and has entertained audiences with his stylized groove and feel.

With his energy and his 15 years of experience, he gives The Long Run that magical feel.